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Wave of the Day: Italo Ferreira, Supertubos, Feb 28

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This forecast never looked like it was one for Supertubos. That big, powerful west swell was washing through large parts of Portugal’s west coast, from sunrise to sunset. But when we checked the cams on this morning, there was one person in the water.

“Italo was the only madman to paddle out,” said lensperson Peyton Willard. “It’s beyond over-powered down here, full on bomb sets, some were impossible to make. I was there at first light and saw him catch one, but then this crazy set came through and Italo was in the right place. Some other surfers turned up, took one look and went elsewhere. Glad I stuck around.”

“Super stoked to be back in Portugal,” said Italo. “Supertubos is very special for me, I have great memories from this place. This year, I’m super confident and excited — let’s go.”

There’s more coming from this crazy run of swell for Western Europe and North Africa. UK and Ireland have got days of waves lined up, Morocco has been cooking and will get again by Friday. Keep up to date with the forecast, here.


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