WATCH: The Jaws Session Everyone's Talking About

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We're barely a few weeks into a fresh decade and we may have seen the session of the year so far. On Thursday, Jaws erupted as a huge swell ripped into the Maui coastline – with a full cast of AAA chargers on hand to wrangle those double-decker bus-sized kegs.

And, you've probably seen on our social media Billy Kemper's 'ride of his life'. A heaving, hollow tube that was so neatly and perfectly threaded, that its tendrils will take root in the course of Jaws' surfing history. It was that damn good.

But there were so many more aficionados in the mix too. Kai Lenny (who we hear bagged potential wave of the year yesterday after this session went down – more on that later), Adriano DeSouza, Tyler Larronde, Ian Walsh, Greg Long, Nathan Florence and more.

Let's break down the session here; on Thursday, when this session went down, a NW swell pulse capped out at 12.5ft@16 seconds with light wind, creating what you see here. Obviously that sized swell translates to huge XXL wave faces. Gawk at the carnage above.