WATCH: Mundaka Double-Bill From the Swell of the Decade

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As you know, Mundaka went bananas around the ex-hurricane Epsilon swell. And here, we've got a double bill of Mundaka sessions, one from that Red Bull team and the other featuring young 19-year-old Aurelien Buffet.

You've already seen Willi Aliotti slay this swell on a 5'3" twinnie. But in the above vid, Natxo González, Kepa Acero, Aritz Aranburu, Leo Fioravanti and friends enjoy 24 hours of those classically hollow conditions – and it is wonderfully shot.

But the world's best rivermouth wave isn't just for the world's best surfers hit play to peep Aurelien Buffet taking a pick axe to the stretched out walls of Mundaka, with more barrels over 2 minutes than you're going to see today. Enjoy.