WATCH: Here's What Morocco Was Doing During the XXXL Nazare Session

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While we and the rest of the world were salivating over truly gigantic Nazare, that same swell was wrapping into Northern Africa – and setting off The Money Wave, aka, one of the best right hand points in the land of right hand points. We tasked the formidable Ramzi Boukhiam and filmer Amine Nader with documenting the action over those two days.

“Well we all saw the swell,” said Ramzi. “First solid one of the winter, so pretty much everyone was there [laughs].

“I knew it wasn’t going to be crazy because the tides were small so the low tide wasn’t super low, but really fun to get the winter started and try out some new boards. I was riding a 6'4” Forget Me Not from JS Surfboards which felt really good.

“The bank is crazy good, so I’m sure this winter we will get at least one crazy swell.

“With the borders being closed there’s almost zero tourists so vibe- wise, it’s pretty chill in general  but with this being the first big swell if this winter everyone was super excited so it was kind of crowded. Everyone got waves though, so it was fine. I am happy to be stuck  at home, for sure.”