WATCH: Costa Rica, Willi Aliotti and a Stylish Speedy 5'3" Twin Fin

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If you hadn't seen Willi Aliotti dancing like a silk scarf on a stiff breeze across this much-trafficked Costa Rican pointbreak, then you've missed out. (Also, see HERE.) A cut down version of this stylish glide blew up for Aliotti on Instragram, set hearts racing as he shifted a twin across 200-300 metres of pure, liquid joy. Now, he's dropped the full 2 minute affair, which is above, that we're proud to show exclusively on MSW.

“That Lovelace twin fin is 5'3”, hand shaped for three hours,” says Willi. “I was right there next to him while he was making it and it's pretty perfect for these waves.

“I was thinking that twinnie would just go on it – so fast. It's a busy wave. Easy to get into. The only way to deal with the crowd is to go all the way to the top and be the first one there [laughs]. On the wave, it's ok, not many people in the middle. Most of the sessions there, I was in the water two to three hours, caught three waves [laughs]. You better not fall... takes so long to get on a good one.”

On Instagram virality? “I don't know why it went viral on Instagram [laughs]. One wave, it had speed and flow, maybe that's what people want to see.

And on the soul surfer moniker? “As a freesurfer, you can surf however you want. The flow is most important with the twin fins. You go so quick and speed is the key to good surfing, if you don't go fast you can't do anything. Surfing is all about that.”

Pavones or Hossegor, both empty, but you could only surf one for the rest of your life? “Ohhh good question. Pavones was amazing. But I think maybe France. So much wave variety. And you really need to be dialled in to get the good days. So maybe.”