WATCH: Brisa Hennessy Gets Stuck in Fiji, Goes After Cloudbreak

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People deal with being stuck in one place in very different ways. There's the mentality to hole up and wait for this all to blow over. Or there's the other side of wanting to get out, set goals and crush them. When returning to their family run resort in Fiji, Brisa Hennessy realised they were going to be stuck there for a while during lockdown. What she didn't do was sit around - instead, decided to face her fears by wrangling Cloudbreak.

"Yeah, Cloudbreak, it’s really… a beast. I think a wave like Cloudbreak can put a lot of things in perspective," she says. "The journey is never over when it comes to fear. You’re never just going to get over fear. I was lucky enough to have my dad there and two lifeguards and the amazing local Fijians to help push me into some uncomfortable situations. I’m really grateful for that. I just felt like I had to put myself out there and give myself an opportunity — learn that way.

"The ocean could be angry, it could be scary, it could be rough, but it always calms itself down in some way, eventually. You and the ocean can always reach a peaceful state. But just being out there in the middle of nowhere, you have to listen to your instincts even more. I had to embrace that aspect and really dig deep."

Anyway, hit play to join Brisa on her lockdown journey. Can you think of a better place to be stuck for all that time? Nope, we can't either.