WATCH: Asher Pacey's Latest Flick is a Visual Banquet

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While the world was in lockdown, filmer Matt Kleiner was busy sifting through his archives. Take something old and make something new from the confines of home, was the mantra. What eventually rolled out is the hauntingly stunning Echoes from a Silent World, starring Asher Pacey, and it is a visual banquet.

“The title pays tribute to that brief moment in time where the outside world stood still in early 2020,” says Matt. “The majority of the globe could only reminisce on what were becoming faint memories of life outside of the house as reality began to seem like a figment of our imagination.

“Rather than make something that got you excited to go surf, I wanted to make something unrealistic and dreamlike, saturated with colours and details from an ocean experience.

“To bring the visuals to life I teamed up with Brennan Mercer for Sound Design. His ability to create a subtle world within a world of imagery set the tone for a true visceral effect. These were the sounds of nature and the world we all longed to be a part of once again.”