WATCH: The France 'Pros Only' Lockdown Session You Need to See

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Restrictions on whether you can surf in France have been flip-flopping all over the place. First, you couldn't surf. Fair enough, that's easy to follow. Then you could but only if you were a pro (which is when this session was shot, a few days back) but just what the hell defines a pro surfer? Money? Job? Your own mentality?

Now, it seems no one can surf again because of course they can't. But it's understood some of the pros are allowed, through a contingent by the country's governing surf body. The crux is; some people can, some can't and it's a big confusing mess. Just like the rest 2020, which has its head screwed on upside down and back to front. And if those rules aren't emblematic of the see-sawing nature of COVID confinement, then we're not sure what is. Miky Picon said of the above session: "It was pumping, was good pretty much all day and through the tides. That's super rare for France." Here's Sancho, Miky, Joan Duru, Marc Lacomare, Jeremy Flores and so many more on a solid session that filmer David from Rip It Up is calling the best day this winter so far, (and also relayed surfing had been totally banned as of a few days ago) who are we to argue with him when it looks this good? Hit play, you're gonna dig it.