The Father of Bodyboarding Needs Your Help


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Tom Morey's influence in surfing is unparalleled. He has turned more people on to the “stoke" of wave riding than anyone else in history. His contributions have been life changing for millions. Rather than seeking financial wealth, Tom’s mission for gain is the spread of stoke and unity. In his mind, the world can always be a better place. 

This selfless path has given Tom some internal fulfillment, but created financial hardship in these final years of his life. At a time when Tom should be nourished by, and set from his contributions, he is physically blind and scrambling in that darkness to make basic ends meet. So a campaign was launched to help the father of bodyboarding but your help is still needed. Here's the latest.

Last year was a big year for the Friends of Tom Morey campaign. The generous donations of campaign supporters gave Tom the opportunity to undergo two successful eye surgeries. As a result, Tom regained partial vision and is enjoying improved health.

The Friends of Tom Morey want to continue the campaign in 2020, spread knowledge of Tom's thoughts and ideas and reach out to the Friends of Tom Morey around the world who can donate to our Go Fund Me page to help with continuing medical expenses Tom will face in the next decade.

Last year, Seamus Mc Goldrick from the Friends of Tom Morey Campaign spoke to Tom at home in Southern California and found him in good spirits. You can read that interview here. In this update, we would like to share with you more excerpts from that fascinating interview.

Firstly, Marchia Morey told Seamus, “We wouldn’t be as far as we are without having all the support of all these wonderful, wonderful people.”

Tom and Marchia are the Godfather and Godmother of bodyboarding, the sport which influenced a whole generation. As we enter a new decade, we are looking forward to the growth of the next generation of bodyboarders. The object of each generation should be to produce a generation which is more loving and compassionate than the last.

Tom Morey says this current era is all 'a work in progress'.

Two legends, Tom and Gerry Lopez.

Two legends, Tom and Gerry Lopez.

“We are coming out of the dark ages and coming into the age of light, as of the turn of the last century, where we have a great jump in understanding.” says Tom.

“Marchia and I have spent the last 40 years looking in depth at the Baha’i [a religion teaching the essential worth of all religions and the unity and equality of all people] teachings, which are all about the dawn of mankind’s oneness where we recognise we are one country and one planet.

“Baha'i teachings are about the establishment of the oneness of mankind, the universal language, compulsory education for children, elimination of gossip and backbiting and elimination of prejudice because of colour and all that stuff. These are big movements and there is strong resistance to these things because the world is entrenched in onesidedness.”

When we even just take a look at the planet's enormous environmental problems, it is certainly time for change. But, old ways persist and it takes time for dinosaurs to go extinct.

In particular, Tom wanted to express a warning to people, especially young people, about the 'Hollywood Effect'. According to Tom, and we all know what he is talking about, the Hollywood effect is very strong and its everywhere. And because civilization is advancing so rapidly young people get side-tracked by the movie star effect.

“There is projection given out in movies and TV programs to be a star.”, Tom notes. “Stars belong in the firmament of the heavens. They don't belong down here. Stacking bricks is not enough for a star. There is just too much of trying to be a star instead of just being a helpful human being and getting through this phase of germination.”

A lot of things project that I-am-going-to-be-a-star mentality. For many of us, our parents or guardians were the ones who allowed us to get into bodyboarding or surfing and with their support we were able to soar. We like to tell young people they will be a star, that they will fly in the sky, because you want to teach them to see their own wings. But, according to Tom, 'at some point, a young man has to get off of that trip and take a hold.'

“Mike Stewart is a great example,” says Tom. “He is a guy who has gone out in the world and made a business, got married and done all that stuff. He’s a good all round example of keeping going with your eye on the future but with your feet on the ground.”

“A very wise man, Abdul Faha, said you walk the spiritual path with practical feet. We need to keep that practical part and use it to lead the youth.”

Eventually, no matter how many spins in the air you do you'll have to come back to Earth at some stage, or as Tom puts it, 'you've got to get a real job,' but keep the stoke well alive by surfing whenever you can.

In a society that is often ego-driven, money-driven or drug fuelled, Tom urges temperance, “You have to become someone who is sympathetic to his community. Someone who is in touch with both body and mind. That is, being an integrated person in your community and being beneficial to others around you.”

Marchia Morey told Seamus, “You, Mike and Melinda and this whole tribe, no matter where they are on the planet, we are all water brothers and sisters.

“The are many different collective groups on the planet in many different formats. But you are not necessarily exclusive to that group. You don't just pass things down to your own children but you also 'sponsor' other children as well. A combination of a love of the ocean and the mountains is enough to keep a child out of harms way because their minds are being enriched all the time.”

One of the main messages Seamus got from interviewing Tom and Marchia was that service is so important. And it does seem that humankind's fundamental frequency is service to others.

“We have to pass the baton because we can’t see as much and do as much [as before]. The baton we are passing is the baton of service. We’re all here to serve the betterment of our society.”

You can donate to our campaign on the Friends of Tom Morey Go Fund Me page, HERE