Storm Brendan Forecast: Two Days of XL-XXL Waves For Europe


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Storm Brendan's currently lashing the UK and Irish coastline, and with a system this strong whipping the North Atlantic with some fervour, there will be waves somewhere, of course.

Ireland looks set to get the brunt of the storm from tomorrow, but sheltered spots around Cornwall and Devon will have been pumping too. Further afield, keep an eye on those huge slabs in the Emerald Isle, Mundaka and of course the darling of European big wave surfing Nazare.

Watch our live Nazare camera, HERE

Some juiced up numbers for everyone's cack yer pants wave, Nazare.

Some juiced up numbers for everyone's cack yer pants wave, Nazare.

"A low pressure that started brewing just off Newfoundland on Sunday has moved quickly northeast and deepened explosively in the last 24 hours, now sitting just northwest of Ireland with a central pressure of 944 mb," says MSW forecaster Tony Butt. "An area of storm-force winds on its southern flank is generating some gigantic swell and some very blustery conditions in northern areas.

"Over the next 36 hours, the system is expected to move more slowly north-northwest and become slow-moving northwest of Scotland, with that fetch on its southern flank still pumping out swell. Meanwhile a peripheral system develops just north of the Azores and quickly swings in towards southwest England, producing some windy conditions for a while in mid areas and in Biscay.

"A very large, unruly swell is already hitting Ireland, with wave heights exceeding 25 feet at westerly exposures, with by strong to gale-force west or southwest winds. Tomorrow sees some large surf at Mullaghmore, with wave heights hitting 20 feet in the morning before gradually tapering down through the day and into Wednesday, accompanied by strong southwest winds.

Did you know you can click advanced forecast on our Mundaka spot to see the swell spectra? It's an important tool in understanding how swell models work. Read up about just that, HERE.

"In southwest England and Wales expect a large, lumpy swell peaking tomorrow morning with wave heights around ten feet or so at exposed spots, steadily decreasing through Wednesday and Thursday, with strong southwest winds.

"Down into Biscay, some great conditions for spots that thrive on largish swells and strong offshore winds. At Mundaka, for example, expect some epic surf tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, with wave heights up to eight or ten feet at first, and fresh to strong southerly winds.

Few years back now, Mundaka looked a little something like this. A repeat over the next few days?

"Further south at Nazaré, winds are generally much lighter, from a southerly quarter and moderate perhaps gusting fresh at times. Wave height peak tomorrow at 20 feet or more, holding steady on Wednesday before dropping through Thursday. There is probably enough north-westerly component in the swell to produce some good A-frames."