OFFICIAL: Pipeline Event Cancelled for 2019

Jason Lock

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Updated 300d ago

By now, you should be aware of the WSL vs the City of Honolulu. The WSL, wanting to shift the Pipe Masters from December to January to open the 2019 CT. The City of Honolulu said no dice because you submitted the permit for that late.

Well the official decision has come back and plans for the new Pipe date are scuppered. Kaput. It's dead, forcing the WSL to release an official statement saying: “The WSL will pursue alternative options to open the season next year.

“Mayor Kirk Caldwell met yesterday with WSL at his offices, where positive discussions were held on the future of the permit process, as well as medium and long-term objectives for surfing in Hawaii. In his press conference yesterday, the Mayor acknowledged the need to overhaul the permit rules, to support competitive opportunities and nurture young, aspiring surfers to uphold surfing’s place as the lifeblood of Hawaiian culture and community.”

And wow. No Pipe for 2019 is going to be a thing now. But if not an event at Pipe, then where? Let's speculate!