Getting Obliterated on One of the Biggest Days in Surfing History: Outer Log Cabins January 1998

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More than 20-years-ago, the North Shore of Oahu was blessed with one of the biggest swells ever. “Waimea was not rideable,” says Ken Bradshaw. “It was too big, couldn't get out. 35ft close outs. I've been watching this since '74, I started watching outside Logs [Outer Log Cabins], this was a culmination of 20 years waiting to surf this spot.” And the session is just as wild as you'd expect. Skip to the three mins mark in this archive footage from Tim Bonython and you'd be forgiven for thinking this is Jaws. Waves almost sucking up the ski – impossibly fast mounds of liquid doom rearing at your back. Set aside 20 minutes and enjoy this talk through of one of the most dramatic days in surfing history. Cover shot: Ken Bradshaw by Hank Photo.