FULL LENGTH: 'Couscous Swell' An Introduction to Morocco's Rising Star Aboubakar Bouaouda

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In the age of quick hit media, it's rare that a full length movie will exist, for free – especially films that have been in the works for years and especially films that focus on rising talent out of Morocco. But here we are after almost a year of teasing this project,Couscous Swell has finally revealed itself, an expansive adventure across West Africa's country of righthand leg burners, featuring rising star Aboubakar Bouaouda.

But there's more to the 42 minute flick than just surfing. Aboubakar's journey is one of living rough, sometimes unable to eat for days on end. “But people were good to me, one time I had my groceries bought for a month,” he says. “Even though it was rough, thankfully everything ended up fine.” That's where surfing comes in, of course, an escape from the mundane. Anyway, no spoilers. Just hit play, even if you're just come for wave porn. Or to learn more about the project, just go HERE for the full breakdown.