Exclusive: Willi Aliotti Surfed Mundaka During the Swell of the Decade on a 5'3” Twinnie

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Cover shot by Michal Pelka from a session a few moons ago

Oh the humble twinnie. A versatile craft that can adapt to myriad of conditions. Fast, loose, able to get you around sections, flirt with the lip and rinse and repeat. As this colossal swell rifled into Europe, Willi Aliotti was at Mundaka, equipped with a 5'3” twin fin.

And how the session went? “Normally the first section is the one that tubes but this time it was much further down.” Willi says. “It almost looked like Uluwatu, rolling take off and then into it.”

Live cam: Mundaka

This was one of the biggest storms Europe's seen. I asked Willi what made him go to Mundaka over any where else. “Because it's a left, it's a tube!” And why a 5'3” twinnie? “I’m just super comfortable with paddling on it. It makes all the difference and all I want to do is surf world class waves on it.” Fair enough. Hit play above!