End of the Land: Jaleesa Vincent

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Jaleesa Vincent is a surfer, singer, lyricist, tap dancer, artist and so much more.

Jaleesa's usual beat is the Byron Bay area on Australia’s east coast. Her joyous, idiosyncratic lines are well suited to the local points and beachbreaks, but she is not averse to the thrill of the occasional slab, nor to ducking under violently pitching lips.

She describes Cupid and The Stupids (her own band, who penned the soundtrack to the above flick, they've called C.A.T.S. for short) as, "just a shitty rock’n’roll band that writes love songs".

Her artwork, which spans painting, sculpture, animation and graphic illustration, is configured along similarly mischievous lines. The tone is frequently macabre, the humour grim. She cites the 20th century surrealists Salvador Dalí and Frida Khalo as influences, along with the Spanish romantic painter Goya, who is known for such cheery pieces as “The Drowning Dog” and “Saturn Devouring His Son”.

And yet one might say – if one wanted to be pretentious about it – that her primary canvas is life itself. We think she’s rad. Enjoy the film.