Cotty's Back at Nazare: I’m Coming Back Stronger, Feeling Fitter and Definitely Motivated to Surf

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Cotty's back. The former record holder for biggest wave ever surfed has been prepping for the 2019 season at Nazare, which will get under way over the next few months.

And, do you remember Andrew Cotton's vlog series Bounce Back? A peek into the driving forces of the Devon lad's big wave ambitions. Vlogs are all the rage right now, and Cotty's originated post-horror wipeout at macking Nazare in 2017 (see HERE). But we're beyond that now. This is all about looking to the future, surfing bigger, deeper and smarter than ever before. You can watch the video below and, bonus, we caught up with Cotty to check in, ask about what to expect this season and if there's anywhere Nazare can take us that it already hasn't.

Nazare Live Cam, HERE.

So, what’s new in the world of Andrew Cotton?
Just the ligament in my right knee to be honest, well it’s seven months old now and starting to feel like part of the body.

Ouch, but seem to be surfing fine and you’re back in the digital realm with Bounce Back 2, what can everyone expect from this season?
Just want to make this season fun, surf as much as possible, train, get as much water time as possible and have a laugh making the vlogs. My main goal is to be on every major swell in the North Atlantic big wave season, getting waves and pushing myself towing and paddling.

It seems Nazare is becoming more popular year on year, how hard is it to regulate the lineup?
It sort or regulates itself, it’s such a gnarly place and a mission to surf, you’ve really gotta be organised. This year might be interesting as the big wave tour has been pulled so there could be less focus here with guys on the big swells trying to get recognition and get into the comp or training for it, we’ll see.

What’s your goals for this season at Nazare?
It’s a long season, I’m gonna pace myself, keep working on my surf fitness, strength and movement. Surfing wise, I wanna make waves, still surf them deep but choose higher lines. The last few years I always focused on getting to the bottom, which, sometimes, just isn’t doable when the waves are that big and you often don’t make many. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna shoulder hop, but I probably won’t be doing double fades on 60fters just yet...

Do you think we’ve reached the limit of what can be achieved there? Or is there the possibility for a 100 foot wave?
Hasn’t the 100fter already been surfed? [laughs] How do you even measure a wave? Goodness knows, but I feel the progression the last couple of years has been constant and that’s the greatest thing about big wave surfing, there’s always someone prepared to put it all on the line and go bigger, deeper and more radical. It’s so great to see and amps me up to surf, stay fit and keep focused.

Also, apart from the ligament, how are you health-wise now, back to 100 per cent?
Every injury is an opportunity, I’m coming back stronger, feeling fitter and definitely motivated to surf.

Cover shot of Mr Cotton socks by MSW favourite, Helio Antonio