BUY: Your Own Private Surf Haven in Fiji


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It's once a in a blue moon that an island close to some decent, remote surf comes up for sale. Have you ever thought of owning such a thing? The potential for untapped surfing gold is high but that's only if you've got a spare $4.2million(ish) minimum lying around.

Mai Island in Fiji, located near the Great Sea Reef, is going up for auction on July 25 and may garner the attention of surfing's more deeply pocketed enthusiasts. And for waves? Let's take a look: “There are several known good surf breaks in the area such as Ravi pass, Kia Island, and Malua pass.

“But the best spot the island has to offer is Twin pass, the right at Twins is one of the best high-performance waves in Fiji, featuring an easy take off with tube sections and cutback sections that ends in deep water.

“The left can reach between six to eight plus feet. The deepwater is thick and hollow. So far the surf is relatively empty and there are plenty of spots no one has ever surfed.”

Sounds ideal right? Surfing's rich kids can have the spoils of a private island and all that entails. The island had been listed for $4.2million but is now up for auction without reserve. Now, we googled Mai Island because a) we're intrigued to its location and b) to try and live out our wildest surf fantasies on a dreary mid-week morning. We found the rough area and an island we think is it, but then realised we'd spent too much time down the rabbit hole. Reality beckons.