About Wild Coast

The Wild Coast, once known as the Transkei homeland, is a 280km (175mi) stretch of cliff faces, perfect beaches and rich tidal estuaries, running from Great Kei River (East London) to Mtamvuna River (Port Edward) on the border with KwaZulu/Natal Province. Inland, lie the Stormberg and Drakensberg mountain ranges, ascending to 2400m (7200ft), before great ridges descend down to the ocean, resulting in a narrow continental shelf. The NE flowing Agulhas Current, only 100km (62.5mi) wide off the Transkei coast, is one of the fastest flowing currents in the world (5 knots). Long distances between towns, the poor condition of the roads, a lack of facilities and some strenuous access to breaks, this region suits the more experienced searcher with some pioneering spirit. There is a balanced equilibrium between exposed, quality beachbreaks and protected right pointbreaks and many bays have both! The imbalance comes with the inordinately high population of large, dangerous sharks including the ubiquitous great whites. Coffee Bay is central enough to be used as a base for surfing missions and has some tourist facilities.


  • Top class right pointbreaks

  • Crowd free

  • Warm water

  • Cheap living costs


  • Sharks

  • Poor road network

  • Lack of facilities

  • Poverty and petty crime

Surf Spots