West Panamá Province Surfing

About West Panamá Province

Panama deserves its nickname of the 'Crossroads of the World'. This narrow strip of land not only makes the link between Central and South America, but also joins the mighty Pacific and Atlantic oceans via the 80km long Panama Canal. The cosmopolitan metropolis of Panama City hugs the eastern bank of the Pacific entrance to the Canal, deep in the sheltered Golfo de Panama, where only the strongest south swells can penetrate. However, an hour's drive west on the Pan-American Highway leads to another string of sandy beaches with better surf and much cleaner waters.


  • Good wave density

  • Easy, fun waves

  • Simple access & getting around

  • Relatively safe

  • Panama City entertainment


  • Narrow swell window

  • Flat in offshore season

  • Fickle quality spots

  • Polluted and crowded city breaks

Surf Spots