Tamil Nadu Surfing

About Tamil Nadu

From Gujarat down to Kerala State, Western India presents one of the most significant, unexplored coastlines touched by the Indian Ocean. Swells are surprisingly consistent, although wave quality suffers because there's so much shallow nearshore water, endless sands and frequent onshores during the SW monsoon, which coincides with the swell season. There is undoubtedly potential for decent size beachbreaks and some smaller, playful pointbreaks, which are always bigger than the east coast, but never as clean. That's why the combination of Kerala, the southernmost tip of India and Tamil Nadu on the southeast-facing coast, provide the flexibility to score good waves year-round, with no crowds at all. Trivandrum is the most convenient town to the southern tip, but good waves can be found all the way up towards Goa through Northern Kerala at places like Mahé, which has been surfed since the '70s, or spots like Madayi Point and Talakkolattur rivermouth. Further north is Bekal Fort with reliable rights, before arriving in Karnataka state, where there are more quality beaches ridden by a small community of surfers located north of Mangalore.


  • Consistent swells

  • Countless virgin spots

  • Warm, tropical water

  • Laid back and cheap

  • Fascinating culture


  • Onshore, mushy conditions

  • Small or closed-out beachbreaks

  • Filthy, shitty water & beaches

  • Long distances between spots

  • Monsoon rains & appalling poverty

Surf Spots