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For quality beachbreak A-frames then Tallows is the spot, tucked out of the NE winds up at Cosy Corner under the northern headland. It's also the place to be when the swell is small and from the S, bypassing all the Byron spots inside the bay. Power is the key word, with thick-lipped triangles popping up randomly and peeling fast before usually closing-out or hitting one of the deeper channels and holes that scour the long beach.

Because it is super consistent and often perfect, Tallows can be very crowded, particularly at the northern peak of Cosy. All the hot locals gravitate to the power, surf schools bring their flouro floaters when the bay is tiny and the longboarders need somewhere to go. Being the first terra firma Pacific sharks encounter, it's little wonder there has been a few fatal shark attacks here over the years. Keep an eye out for fins, because they may just be cetaceans.

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