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By The Magicseaweed.com Team
26th July 2007

Sharing your Surf Video

We've been working for a while on linking local video in along side our collection of surf photos. We're ready to test it out and could use a little help. If you've got a short video you've taken of your local surf, or something from your travels you can now upload it here:

Upload your Video

As with the photos this is just a chance to show off yourself, your mates or the local guys in the water or what's happening on the beach. All clips are checked here first before we add them to the site.

This is a brand new feature and it's still being tested so if you have any problems give us a shout, you can see anything we have so far on the link below, and all submissions will be available in the new video section and on the main site soon:

Browse all Video

Submitted By The Magicseaweed.com Team on the 26th July 2007.
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