About Playa de Famara

6 kms of curving beach that receives swell from W-N and handles wind from SW-E. Centre of the bay receives the most of the swell, but the sandbanks will close out at around 8-10ft faces. North end can get fast and hollow at lower tide while south end is smaller and easier.

Super consistent and relatively free of localism hassles. Perfect for learner/improvers and plenty of space for the surf school operators. Be aware of strong sideshore drift and currents. Isolated, so care with belongings is required.

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Stormrider Guide for Playa de Famara
  • All Tides All Tides
  • Peaky Beachbreak Peaky Beachbreak
  • Sand Sand
  • W - N W - N
  • South Easterly South Easterly
  • 8 2 Swell Range 2 - 8ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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