About Pais Vasco - West

The Basque Country contains all types of reefs along with some world-class big-wave spots and, of course, a world-class rivermouth called Mundaka. There are plenty of good-quality beach breaks, although these are not as prevalent as those in neighbouring France or Cantabria. The Basque Country picks up less swell than the rest of the north coast, particularly if it comes from the west. In winter though, there is rarely any lack of swell. This area has the most spots that can handle big waves; one or two still rideable at 20 ft. There are also a host of spots surfable in stormy conditions and sheltered from strong W or SW winds. The worst wind direction is N or NE. With its proximity to France and the highly populated coastal cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao, the Basque Country is the most popular surfing area in Spain; it has the highest level of surfing, the most crowds and the largest number of surf shops. Boards range from modern shortboards, of which there are thousands available, to mini-guns and full rhino-chasers. Longboards are also very popular, particularly at certain spots such as La Triangular in Sopelana. Prime spots include the flawless left-hand rivermouth at Mundaka and the big-wave right, Meñakoz. This area probably suffers the most from seasonal variability, with larger differences between summer and winter surf. In general, the winter is the best time to visit.


  • Heavy tubing waves

  • Fabulous scenery

  • Easy access


  • Lack of wave choice

  • Inconsistent

  • Windy and subject to tides

Surf Spots