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Mundaka is a dream lefthand barrel and possibly the best rivermouth wave in the world. A long triangular sandbank catches the stronger NW swells, creating a long flawless tube with rides of up to 150-200 meters possible. From the peak, the wave sucks up hard, making for steep challenging take-offs straight into a sick barrel section. The ensuing long, fast wall, allows a few turns if you are going close to warp speed. The final two sections of the wave can vary in quality depending on the sandbar, but frequently they offer hollow cylinders with less crowd pressure. Perfect autumn conditions include strong S-SW winds and the tide must be low incoming, otherwise the outgoing rip is horrendous. Good conditions at Mundaka rarely last for more than two days, as the large swells fade, so this classy wave is only rideable about 50 days a year.

Always crowded. Moderately dangerous, depending on swell size, wind and crowd. Be careful of the rip. Fairly consistent although almost never works in summer and only works from low to about mid tide. The wave is next to the port and village of Mundaka, a delightful fishing village apparently unspoilt by its surfing fame. Good facilities in village and friendly local residents. Parking can be difficult when the wave is on. Camping and surf shop nearby. Some estuarine pollution.

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Stormrider Guide for Mundaka
  • Low to Mid Tide Low to Mid Tide
  • Rivermouth break with left-hander Rivermouth break with left-hander
  • Sand Sand
  • W - N W - N
  • South Westerly South Westerly
  • 12 3 Swell Range 3 - 12ft

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