About Liaoning

Liaoning is a small province in the far northeast of China, bordering North Korea and enjoying a relatively extensive coast on the Yellow Sea. The capital city Shenyang was home to the Manchu Qing Dynasty emperors, and the Shenyang Palace (also known as the Mukden Palace) still stands today, serving as a museum.Dalian on the Liaodong Peninsula is a thriving, modern port city known for its Russian architecture, ski slopes, and beaches—which happen to house a handful of surfable sand bars and point breaks. Although you will typically only be surfing local wind swell, the setups here can potentially pick up stronger swell from typhoons in the East China Sea and Yellow Sea. If you time it right, it’s theoretically possible to surf and ski/snowboard on the same day in Dalian, as there are ski resorts literally inside the city. Just make sure to bring a thick wetsuit, as it gets pretty cold in the winter.

Surf Spots