Kwazulu Natal - South Surfing

About Kwazulu Natal - South

The huge province of Kwazulu Natal is split by Durban and the 160km (100mi) of coastline to the south is well known as a sunny holiday playground. This 'South Coast' also happens to be one of the world's most underrated surf zones. There are high quality, consistent waves everywhere, including hollow beachbreaks, heaps of righthand points and a few classic reefbreaks. Add the low crowd factor and it becomes obvious that scoring a few screamers here is more than likely! The continental shelf drops away sharply, so catching the plentiful, year-round, open ocean swells is easier, attracting a variety of wave riders like wave-skis, kitesurfers, kneeboarders and even ocean outriggers.


  • Very consistent swells

  • Offshore every morning in winter

  • Hollow punchy right points

  • Uncrowded, warm water

  • Friendly guesthouses, Durban proximity


  • Blown-out most afternoons

  • Sharks, un-netted beaches

  • Almost straight coastline

  • Some dodgy neighbourhoods

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