About Jiangsu

A coastal province located to the north of Shanghai, Jiangsu is home to a number of the Chinese mainland’s more accessible surf spots, including Huaniao Island, Shengsi Huichen, and Shengsi Jinsa Beach. Located a short 75 kilometers from Shanghai and accessed through the port city of Luchao, Huaniao and Shengsi Islands are about as close to city surfing as it comes in China. While the waves are of relatively poor quality and tend to lack energy, it is possible to get more powerful swells during well-placed typhoons. The most commonly surfed waves on Shengsi want a NE wind or typhoon swell, while the most popular wave on Huaniao works with straight north swells as well. Typhoons that move over Korea and into the Sea of Japan will typically send a pulse of swell to this region as they pass through the window.

Surf Spots