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About Hossegor

The southern part of Landes benefits from the deep submarine canyon that cuts through the continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay, pointing directly at the town of Hossegor. Known as the 'Fosse de Capbreton' this swell-focusing trench (or 'gouf') is the reason that Hossegor has forged a reputation for being one of the best beachbreaks on the planet. Up to 3m, Hossegor's beaches deliver exceptionally powerful, perfect peaks, often very close to shore and invariably hollow. When conditions conspire, spitting barrels can be spied far into the distance in either direction, spreading groups of surfers away from the main access points. On the downside, currents and longshore drift can be brutal, sandbars are constantly shifting, paddling-out channels are scarce at size, tidal ranges are large and wind protection is almost non-existent. However none of these factors have deterred the ever-growing crowds of riders and surf companies that call Hossegor home, helped by the fact that this corner of Europe's Atlantic coast has the warmest water temps, allowing up to 4 months of rubberless surfing.
Southern Landes is close to being a year-round destination, although big, cold beachbreaks at La Nord are not everyone's idea of fun. Summer and autumn are the pick as the W-NW winds are at their lightest and the weather and water at their warmest

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