Hossegor (La Nord) スポットガイド

About Hossegor (La Nord)

Usually the only rideable beachbreak north of Capbreton when the swell heads towards 3m on the Biscay buoy. The shifting, outside bank holds triple overhead plus and favours rights into the rip torn paddling channel. Steep drops and fast walls with barrel sections mean extra inches are a good idea. Can work at all tides but mid is the best bet. Going left often leads to a punishing paddle back out as the deeper, defined paddling channel is usually south of the waves towards Centrale.

Heavy water when the rips are in full flow, as a torrent of water makes its way down from the Seignosse beach whitewater maelstrom to the north. Once the vicious shoredump is negotiated there can be a deep trough, allowing the unskilled to easily get out of their depth. La Nord is always crowded, even when smaller and when the big swells hit, everyone descends on the area, often only to watch. Popular with the local SUP crew on smaller days and extra inches are a good idea to get into the jacking sets. Height restriction on the car park so vans have to use the ever-shrinking street parking.

Park along Blvd De La Grand Dune - La Nord is 400m north from Front de Mer

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