About Fujian

A picturesque Chinese province tucked behind Taiwan and known for it’s coastal vistas and abrupt rock formations, Fujian also maintains a fledgling surf community and a number of surfable breaks. Pingtan Island in the Taiwan Strait has numerous setups when typhoon swell filters in, while beach breaks such as Funingwan, Haitan Bay, and Quingshan Bay are all located on the mainland and work under a variety of swell and wind directions. Swells are a bit of a rarity in this area, due to a number of factors such as an east-facing coastline, shadowing from Taiwan, and a general lack of large storms in the South China Sea. However, when typhoons spin into the western Pacific during the fall and early winter, it is possible to get waves from the north, east, and south, depending on storm location and track. Otherwise, your best bet is local wind swell. Regardless, crowds are not really an issue, and you are likely to surf alone, or at most with a few stoked locals.

Surf Spots