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By The Magicseaweed.com Team
14th June 2007

Forecast Feedback

At magicseaweed we've been evangelists for 'computer model forecasts' for over five years now. We know that more often than not if a decent swell is heading towards your local break the forecast will pick it up and checking a website like ours you'll know about it first. That said we're also aware that most computer swell forecasts weren't really designed originally for surfers, but for shipping and other uses that don't really care what's happening right on the beach, that's why for the past couple of years we've been working flat out to develop our own 'nearshore' modelling systems. These take into account all the little local variations in sea bed and coastline shape that make so much difference locally. We've had pretty much the best job in the world in that time, building detailed local forecasts and making sure to head out to our favorite beaches daily to test them out. The results have been impressive and we're getting closer and closer to a 'state of the art' surf forecast, unfortunately much as we want to we can't be on every beach every day to test our accuracy everywhere and this is where we need a bit of help.

We've never been keen to shout about having the 'most accurate forecasts', we're pretty sure you can make your own mind up on that and we know there's always room for improvement, but for the first time for any surf forecasting service what we'd love to do is not only let you decide, but let you feedback to us when we're getting it right and wrong and really start to take that onboard to improve things.

If you check the top right of any forecast page now you'll see a 'feedback' section. Click through and all you'll need to do is give us a quick overview of the conditions last time you surfed. We'll take all this information, compare it to the forecast, and over time we can start to build up a picture of where it's going right and more importantly where it can be improved.

You'll also get a detailed diary of each and every session you submit, for your eyes only, by clicking on the 'my msw' button in the very top right of the page. You can record the conditions day by day to improve your own local forecasting, or just diary your progress as you travel or improve your surfing.

In time we'll improve this even further so you can enjoy a forecast for your local break based on your own local observations or compare your report to an old forecast (all of which will be available online), the more you surf the better it'll get...

Submitted By The Magicseaweed.com Team on the 14th June 2007.
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