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By The Magicseaweed.com Team
30th August 2007

David Carson designs new Magicseaweed Logo

David Carson is revered for his groundbreaking design, but few know he is also a surfer. His work has inspired, been published in and graced countless major publications, as he continually breaks new ground in the design world. His first book, the End of Print, is the best-selling graphic design book of all time. A local to the British Virgin Islands, and the idyllic right at Cane Garden Point, Carson has been working in conjunction with the MagicSeaweed team to evolve a logo that really reflects the nature of the site.

Carson is no stranger to the world of surfing. A one-time pro in his college days, David has been fundamentally involved in several key pieces of design in the surfing media over the last two decades. As well as art direction for Surfer Magazine in the 1990s and a guest role for Surfer's Path, he has published stories in the benchmark of surfing print " the Surfer's Journal. Furthermore, David designed a special issue of Quiksilver/Surfing Magazine entitled 'Explorations' in 2004.

Like surfing itself, David's work is personal, heartfelt, and entirely governed by feel. Despite being one of the most significant designers in the world, Carson retains a hands-on approach and a small, active studio. A regular visitor to MagicSeaweed.com, David commented on his introduction to the site: "a couple winters ago at my home break I noticed my good friend dean seemed to always know when the waves were coming, something I thought I'd perfected in my decade of surfing the point. Dean kept mentioning some site I could never remember the name of, and finally I got it. Magic Seaweed was his source, and he was always on top of any swell. I checked it out and found that it was the most accurate of any I'd tried. I've used it ever since."

The logo that David has designed, pictured above, is firmly rooted in the aesthetics of the ocean. For instance, in David's own words, the 's' helps to create the motion of the sea, even the fold of a wave. The logo also has practical aspects " it is recognisable both up close and from a distance, and is useable in all sizes. According to David, placing one letter on its side bring a pleasant tension, drawing the viewer into the logo and the site. The new logo goes live this week, making MagicSeaweed even more recognisable as the unique resource that it is.

Photo: David Carson surfing his Carribean front yard.

More information on Davids work can be found at davidcarsondesign.com

Submitted By The Magicseaweed.com Team on the 30th August 2007.
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