About Chinandega

Chinandega is a coastal department in the far north of Nicaragua, and represents your best chance of sniffing out new or rarely surfed waves that can be enjoyed alone. The one main exception to this rule is the Boom, which is the best (and best-known) in the area. A series of heavy, shallow beach breaks, the Boom rivals the other marquee beach break barrels in the country, but with two important caveats. First of all, it doesn’t handle swell much over head high, so you are better off chasing small swells rather than the purple blobs we usually think of when we are seeking out barrels. Second, the Boom is only offshore in the mornings, and is better on specific tides—so you want to make sure you go when the good tides are before noon. A number of surf camps and surf hotels have been established around the Boom (including Chancletas, Las Dunas, and Thunderbomb), and they can help clue you in to the best condition combinations to maximize your chance of scoring. And if you happen to be in the area when the swell is bigger than the Boom can handle, there are rumors of a few mysto left-hand points that fire on their day and are boat-access only.

Surf Spots