About Cactus

Australia's interior consists mainly of desert while the coastline, which is more exposed to wet oceanic influences, is a lot greener. Two exceptions are the NW coast of Western Australia and the Great Australian Bight coast of South Australia, where the great waves of Cactus can be found. This zone sits beneath the Great Victoria Desert between the Eyre Peninsula and the endless dusty, red Nullarbor Plain. Nullarbor means 'no trees' which is the vista that greets travellers on the Trans Australia 'Indian Pacific' train. Despite the desolation, this is a real Mecca for the hardcore Australian surf traveller. Point Sinclair is the real name of the private land formerly owned by surf movie-maker Paul Witzig, who, during the sixties, was one of the first to pioneer the outstanding waves of Cactus.


  • Consistent swells

  • Quality reefbreaks

  • Powerful lefts and rights

  • Cheap living

  • Hardcore trip


  • Great white sharks

  • Cold water

  • Deadly snakes

  • Flies

  • Desert conditions

Surf Spots