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Welcome to the Buena Onda Beach Resort in Playa Santana Nicaragua

Our seaside hideaway is located right on the water on one of Nicaragua's finest beaches, Playa Santana - where our nearest neighbors are grazing cows and howling monkeys.

Enjoy ocean views while sipping a cool drink in our open air palapa restaurant or refresh in our swimming pool.

We have superb, consistently breaking, barreling surf right out front. Sunshine, tropical warmth, warm water and off-shore breezes 300+ days a year, comfortable (and affordable!) accommodation, and most of all, BUENA ONDA (good vibrations) morning, noon and night.

Your Swiss hosts, Philip and Sarah, live at Buena Onda Beach Resort all year round and make sure that you spend your well-deserved holiday hassle free, in style and that you are well looked after during your stay. Come and explore, we'd love to share our little piece of paradise with you.

Buena Onda - Hotel

Our cozy, family-style hotel features eight rooms, all situated around the open air restaurant and the swimming pool. All rooms have access to a bright and spacious covered patio area. Here you'll find countless hammocks, tables and chairs for lounging and making friends and a wide-open view of our restaurant with the ocean in the background.

Intelligent Design
The design and orientation of the hotel structure was developed with the natural environment in mind. The rooms are well protected from direct sunlight by a super-structure roof, dramatically reducing radiant heat from the tropical sun. The famous Nicaraguan off-shore breezes provide refreshing ventilation, which passes through each room, creating a comfortable temperature day and night and greatly reducing the need for artificial cooling.

Room Amenities
The rooms are carefully decorated and equipped with the following:

Ceiling fans (A/C in the rooms Popoyo, Santana and Rosada)
Wireless internet for a nominal fee of 10$ for your whole stay
Ample shelving space
Twin, Queen or bunk beds with high quality linen and mattresses
Ample shelving space
Charging stations for you iPods, digital cameras and other electrical gadgets
Beautiful bathrooms with hot water (shared bathroom for the dorm room guests)
Bathroom towels and soap. Please bring your own beach towels

Restaurant & Bar Rancho
Our spacious, beautiful open air restaurant features tropical lounging and dining at its best. Chill in the sofa area or play a game of pool before or after a meal. We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner specializing in fresh fish and seafood, an array of natural fruit juices, barbecues, local Nica fare and international favorites like Tacos, Pastas and Burgers. Anytime between the hours of 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM you can enjoy an ice cold drink and a fresh, healthy meal under our shady rancho. The swimming pool is located right in front of our restaurant allowing you to sit in its pool bar and ordering drinks from the water. At Buena Onda we make sure you never go hungry or thirsty!


Yes, it is true: South-western Nicaragua receives 300+ days of offshore winds per year. The constant South swells, warm and pristine water, and the beautiful untouched surroundings, make our region a true surfers paradise with countless waves to explore. Surf all day long and on any tide. See below for a summary of some of the local breaks:

Playa Santana - our front yard - 1 minute walk
A super fun, peaky, barrelling beach-break with three well defined peaks. Santana is a very consistent wave that breaks on most days throughout the year. Works best on a higher tide. Just walk out of your front door and get shacked!

Playa Rosada - a 10 min. walk around the rocks
A short walk south around the rocks gets you into another dream set-up: Playa Rosada. Rosada’s lefthanders break fast and powerful over rocky reef. Watch out for the really shallow, thick lipped section on the take-off. This is not a beginners wave. Works best on a low tide.

Outer Reef - a 20 min. walk along the beach (or 5 min. drive)
A Heavy, big-wave slab. Very big, very shallow and very hollow. Starts working at 10ft.+ and holds anything, as long you are prepared for it. Bring your gun.

Playa Popoyo - a 30 min. walk along the beach (or 5 min. drive)
A local classic. Clean and fun waves breaking over a rock reef bottom. The left is usually longer and cleaner but do not forget to keep your eyes open for the occasional perfect right that might sneak through. Breaks throughout all tides and is rippable from 2 to 10ft+.

The breaks mentioned above are just the ones within walking distance. Our area is very wave rich and once you hop in a car or in a boat, there are many more options. There are waves here for every taste, make sure you talk to us about your needs, we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for. Check out our “Boat Charter” section for info on customized surfing by boat.

Boat Charter

From the fishing village of El Astillero, Buena Onda Beach Resort runs fishing and surfing charters at your request. Our 25-foot panga, the Queen Mary, is equipped with a custom roof awning and pole holders for trolling four lines at a time. Myler and Luis, our local captains, have spent their lives on the sea, making them absolute experts at finding the best breaking waves and vast trolling spots.

Many waves in our area are not accessible by car. Some of them are of world-class quality and consistency. If you want to escape the ordinary, surf different waves and spend a lovely day on the water, one of our boat trips might be just right for you.

Our panga leaves from the fishing village of El Astillero. From there we run two different packages. Tour 'Norte'


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