About Biobio

Until recently, the southernmost limits of the surf in Chile was Pichilemu, in Region 6. Knowing that it's long narrow coastline contains 12 regions, that pretty much meant that half of the country remained unexplored. Chilean surfers started to tap the immense potential of virgin pointbreak and rivermouth lefts in the mid '90s, but word only got out 10 years later, when environmental issues emerged. Proposed pulp mills and coal-fired power stations like Los Robles in the Loanco area are threatening to poison some quality breaks with arsenic and lead, which convinced the locals it was a better plan to publicise the surfing resources than to keep it secret and see the waves disappear. These sleepy agricultural regions still plough using oxen and there are few accommodation options for budget travellers, as camping is the way to go. All the points/rivermouths in the area are heavily sandbar dependent, so either side of winter is best.


  • Handful of world-class lefts

  • Beautiful region

  • Very consistent swells

  • Cheap, friendly


  • Really cold water

  • Sandbank dependent

  • Exposed to winds & rains

  • Some pollution problems

  • Not easy to reach

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