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The BENG BENGS SURF CAMP is situated on the west side of the Nyang Nyang Island. A sunny tropical paradise, immersed in the Indian Ocean, and it’s here that after a long journey you can rest your body and your mind relaxing on a sun bed on the beach, looking at the deep blue ocean that surrounds you.

Or if admiring the perfect left-hander ‘E-Bay’ right in front of the guesthouse is too much temptation grab your board and start paddling toward it. Jump in the boat for a two minute trip to another left-hander named BENG-BENGS, (now you know how the camp got it’s name) alternatively take 15 minute trek through the tropical jungle.

In this secret and magical land, there has just been born an emotional place where your surfing dreams will come true. In the impressive beautiful wildness of Nyang Nyang island in Mentawais you will find yourself surrounded by a world made of waves in which you can live the best surfing experience of your life.

Located at the Beng Bengs Surfcamp, it has the pleasant task to offer to its costumers, maximum of 8/10 people, with its two speedboats and surfguide, the access to the most perfect surfing breaks in the world….. Doesn’t matter what kind of surfer you are, for sure you’ll get the perfect ride.

With over 15 waves in the Playground anchorage accessible by boat and 5 breaks on Nyang Nyang Island alone you will never struggle to find the perfect surf.
Our guesthouse can accommodate up to 10 people. We have two speedboats and experienced surf guides who will help you find the ride of your life, whatever your experience level.

Our beachfront location is situated right in front of a world class wave named Ebay and is a beautiful, private, 4-bedrooms guesthouse catering for maximum 12 people. It is a traditional Mentawaian house of 170 square meters built by local handicraftsmen. There are two shared rooms and two double rooms, one of the shared rooms is furnished with 4 SINGLE beds while the other room have 2 SINGLE beds and 1 BUNK bed.

Each room is equipped with AIR CONDITIONERS and even fan, mosquito nets and plugs. The double rooms are equipped with AIR CONDITIONERS and fans too. All linens are provided and just outside of the rooms there are two bathrooms, western style, one of them is equipped with HOT WATER shower and another one with COOL WATER shower.


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