About Beira Litoral

While the Beira Litoral coast gives the impression that this stretch is one of featureless wind and swell exposed beach break, there is more than initially meets the eye. Figueria da Foz and Nazaré are both high class wave venues – in fact Nazaré is fast gaining a reputation as one of the finest beach breaks on the continent and further wave highlights can be found close to the pin stripe candy town of Costa Nova. Away from these three towns the waves are almost totally deserted and kilometres of open beach break are mixed up with a scattering of headlands and the occasional forgotten reef. With this coasts' swell exposure it can be a good bet in calm summer periods, but on the flip side the sea breezes seem to be particularly nasty around here. Winter is a whole different ball game with giant swells maxing out all but a few spots.

Surf Spots