About 海南省

Hainan, the second largest of the Chinese islands after Taiwan, extends 1,500km (930mi) of coastline into the South China Sea. In China, Hainan is advertised as the perfect tropical holiday destination, attracting around 10 million Chinese tourists every year. Regarding surf potential, the coastal zone is still relatively unexplored, with hundreds of beaches and regular points. Long stretches of sand are divided by occasional headlands, with a backdrop of volcanic mountains. The pointbreaks, which have been ridden by visiting Australian and Japanese surfers for decades, are generally long, mellow lefts.


  • Chinas best surf

  • Quality left pointbreaks

  • Consistent during NE monsoon

  • Very warm water and tropical

  • Cultural adventure


  • Lack of power

  • Average beachbreaks

  • Rare typhoon swells

  • Difficult travel without guide

  • Some areas off-limits

Surf Spots