About ナヤリット州

Located in western Mexico on the Pacific Ocean, the State of Nayarit is an extremely scenic area, with lush tropical jungles, mangroves and deciduous forests lining the coast. To the east and south lie high volcanic mountains, from which several rivers flow to the ocean, cutting the landscape into valleys and deep gorges along the way. Mostly undeveloped, the coastline of Nayarit has attracted hardcore surfers since the late '60s. For those pioneers, the chance of scoring an epic session at San Blas´ Matanchen Bay, known as being the longest right in the world, was worth the suffering inflicted by the 'jejenes' (local sand flies) & mosquitoes. But things have changed with the fast rise of Puerto Vallarta, once a tiny fishing village in the neighbouring state of Jalisco, now attracting 500,000 tourists each year.


  • Surfable year round

  • Top longboard spots

  • Surf schools, camps and boats

  • Resorts option

  • Relatively safe


  • Lack of Mexican Juice

  • Restricted access spots

  • Some sharky locations

  • Bugs from hell in San Blas

  • Rainy peak surf season

Surf Spots