About 南アイルランド

Southern Ireland is predominantly onshore in the normal SW airstream (that also afflicts Wales and SW England), but on the rare days that conditions come together the numerous reefs and beaches can throw up some surprisingly good quality waves. Stunning scenery surrounds The Ring of Kerry and beyond where deep estuaries isolate the land and provide much potential for discovery. Generally needs big SW swell to work, meaning cold, lonely waves are the norm. More surfers appear closer to the centres of Cork and Tramore, keenly awaiting the conversion of a big SW swell and N winds at breaks like Long Strand and Tramore.
The East Coast rarely gets waves, unless an extra large SW swell is running or a few times a year a small, local windswell will bounce up St. George's Channel. If you're stuck in Dublin and are desperate for a fix there's always the longboard-friendly, extremely consistent waves to the south of the harbour mouth, created by the wake of car ferries coming into Dublin's port!

Surf Spots