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THE Sunshine Coast, the sometimes overlooked cousin of its more famous southern neighbour, the Goldie, has been shining as brightly as anywhere for the last two months. Adam of Sunshinesurfari aka Green Room has been resisting the pull of surfing some stonking, perfect surf - to get a few shots over to us.

Awesome Queensland gold ... Mooloolaba © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

For nearly two months it has pumped, says Adam, swell after swell has poured down the coast from Cyclone Hamish and Cyclone Jasper - with some classic sessions being recorded. March is cyclone season here so it’s nothing unexpected to get these swells but what has been surprising is the consistency and the epic state of the banks. Couple this with some clear sunny days, offshore winds, and you have a perfect set-up for photography. I and everyone here has been surfing our guts out, gorging on this feast of swell. When I could resist the pull of the surf I paddled out with my camera and grabbed these shots.

Just look at that continuous line of swells waiting patiently to pile into Australia’s eastern coast.

© 2014 msw

Mooloolaba, Queensland

Lineup ... Mooloolaba © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

Mooloolaba is a heavy sand-bottomed shorebreak, that only breaks on a bunch of occasions each year, the rest of the year it is a typical tourist swimming beach for the man and his red budgie smugglers run free.

Mooloolaba, Queensland

A pluse of swell ... Mooloolaba © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

During the start of the year and all summer, Mooloolaba hardly broke. I arrived home in late Feb to a pulse of swell that is just finishing up now, I live in Mooloolaba so it was great to see the place breaking so much.

Mooloolaba, Queensland

Styling ... Mooloolaba © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

The Measuring Pole is mainly a left-hander that breaks in deep water on an outer reef when it gets big, then foams through to the barrel in the shorebreak. We used to call it second reef Pipe when we where younger… It can still delivers some of the most wide open rideable barrels on the Sunshine Coast.

Mooloolaba, Queensland

Cheese Block unridden ... Mooloolaba © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

This is called the Cheese Block because of an awkward looking high rise building that kind of looks like a block of cheese. Its further down the beach than the Measuring Pole and is protected from the wind.

Mooloolaba, Queensland

One more, why not? ... Mooloolaba © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

Typically the Cheese Block is more of a close-out but for some reason the sand was good this year.

Mooloolaba, Queensland

Typical Greenroom ... Mooloolaba © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

Everywhere from Double Island Point to Caloundra Bar had their day over the last few weeks. Unfortunately I couldn’t cover it all as I was out there myself.

Wurtulla, Queensland

Unknown tucks into a solid beast ... Wurtulla © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

Wurtulla is one of the best beach breaks in Queensland on its day. An outer reef breaks up the swell and creates great A-frame wedges. Can handle some of the biggest swells on the coast and is always a great bet when the swell is dropping and the winds have turned offshore. This guy made the section.

Wurtulla, Queensland

The eye sees all ... Wurtulla © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

These particular mornings were some of the best of the year, the right tides were pushing in and there was no wind all morning. This sand-bottom wave packs a real punch and many boards were broken over the days we surfed here.

Wurtulla, Queensland

Bodyboarders love it here ... Wurtulla © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

Wurtulla is also a bit of a bodyboard haven because of short wide barrels and big air sections.

Wurtulla, Queensland

Unknown navigator ... Wurtulla © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au

The barrels here can be very makeable and this guy easily made it out to the shoulder.

Wurtulla, Queensland

Moody ... Wurtulla © 2014 Adam/sunshinesurfsafari.com.au


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