Moroccan Kick-Off 2009

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Early Anchors © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

After a hard and long summer with temperatures reaching 52 “degrees C” in Taghazout this summer, everyone in the region is happy to finally see some cool air and already an amazing start to the season of 2009 at all spots.

Banana Point Wrap Power © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berber

The first swell started early October and was followed by pulse after pulse of swells pumping into the bay and around all October and now into November.

Backspray © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

I was up on the points capturing a bit of the action and checking out some of the sand bars after summer. This year is looking really good I must say with Anchors having less rock and more sand and Killer being the best so far with its long right hander’s and barrels.

Inside Air © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

I popped up to Killers on one of the bigger swells and took this image on a set, the lines were stacked to the horizon and showing some real power and empty waves to be had out there.

Empty Killers © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

Killers Lines © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

Also we were all greeted by Kelly Slater’s presence in Taghazout and out at Killer Point, the pros are still coming in though I’m not sure what Kelly had to say himself about Morocco though looks like he had some nice empty rides that’s for sure, (not much surf here?) check out the video HERE.

In my point of view the best spot so far is definitely Killer Point and recommend anyone with enough stamina to get out there to go check it out if you’re in Morocco this season, Anchors has been showing some nice waves though not quite showing its self or any barrels yet, not only that crowds are already horrendous out there and well to be quite honest “pointless” i would defiantly say if you’re making a trip out here this winter to head off on the road and hit up some random spot as there are over 100 spots in the area!

Floater © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

At the end of October with already a solid double over head most weeks we all know here in Morocco that this is going to be yet another great season of sick waves and point action to be had.

Early Anchors © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

Remember folks if you’re out here this season respect the points and spots your chose to surf and respect the locals as they respect you all coming here to enjoy their waves.

Ending Sunset © 2014 Hassan Ingram / Surf Berbere

Look out for more action and photos to the end of the season once i have taken my nice new water housing out made by Delmar-Housings thanks Erik!
Hassan Ingram / Multimedia Manager / www.surfberbere.com

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