Anthony’s GoPro Clinic

by on Thursday 10th May, 2012   20733 Views

ANTHONY Walsh has opened up a drop-in clinic for all those of you with GoPro addictions.

He’s what you’d call an enthusiast of this diminutive box of tricks and thought he’d open himself up to you, the reader, and ask for your GoPro tips, tricks or questions. The two top questions/tips or tricks from anywhere in the world be awarded an HD Hero2. The winners will be selected on the basis of merit and the judging will be highly subjective.

Walshy has promised he’ll make a video demonstrating the top tips, settings, filming angles etc. For those of you new to the game this clip to the left was shot in Tahiti a few days ago entirely on a GoPro.

Finally Ben P who works in the office and would marry his GoPro if it were a tiny bit larger is banned from this discussion (sorry Ben).

Pose your questions below…

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