Surf Report
21 Sep 12:04am Bingin

nusa checked the surf at Bingin.


  • 3ft


6hr ago (GMT)

NUSA's Daily Surf Video Report from the Bukit is up.
Small with 3 feet set coming through. High tide. 18 people out at Bingin, 30 at Impossibles and nobody at Dreamland.
Check it here:

Surf Report
20 Sep 05:12pm Deerfield Beach

GoneKayaking checked the surf at Deerfield Beach.

Deerfield Beach

Light Breeze, クロスショア

15hr ago (GMT)

Southeast swell < 1 ft, South wind < 10 mph, Water temperature 86 F

Surf Report
20 Sep 09:09am Highcliffe

Crazywater checked the surf at Highcliffe.


Moderate Breeze, オフショア

20hr ago (GMT)

Good morning all. Another gloomy, dull start to the day and feeling slightly cooler than yesterday. Conditions are similar to the past few days, if anything its even flatter, not what we like hearing. There is a North Easterly breeze today and making the ocean look glassy flat. Great for a kayak or SUP. Happy Saturday everyone!

Surf Report
20 Sep 07:30pm Tamarindo
Jim Hurt

Jim Hurt checked the surf at Tamarindo.


  • 5ft

Light Breeze, オンショア

12hr ago (GMT)

Some swell in the water, basically 3-4 to 5 or 5+, a mixed swell and a bit confused, but still some good rides, with waits for the good ones. A steady and slowly growing SW breeze with a textured surface and a small crowd. Photo: Pico Grande by Dave and looking a lot like today.

Surf Report
20 Sep 10:58am Rossnowlagh


  • 2ft

Light Breeze, クロスショア

19hr ago (GMT)

Slowly building swell should get bigger as the weekend ticks by with tomorrows forecast looking particularly good...

Surf Report
20 Sep 09:00am Rossnowlagh

rossnowlaghsurf checked the surf at Rossnowlagh.


Light Breeze, クロスショア

21hr ago (GMT)

Still just a little half foot swell this morning but a fresh force 2 northerly cross shore breeze has blown away the mists of the past weeks.

High 04.24 3.1m
Low 10.17 1.3m
High 16.41 3.3m
Low 22.50 1.1m