Surf Report
18 Dec 12:10am Nusa Dua

nusa checked the surf at Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua サーフ・リポート

Nusa Dua

  • 5ft


5hr ago (GMT)

NUSA's Daily Surf Video Report from the Bukit is up. Slow. Good ride if on the right spot.... Read More

Surf Report
17 Dec 06:12pm Tamarindo
Jim Hurt

Jim Hurt checked the surf at Tamarindo.

Tamarindo サーフ・リポート


  • 7ft

Moderate Breeze, オフショア

12hr ago (GMT)

Just another perfect morning, with Pico Grande breaking well outside at 6-7 and pushing 8 foot on... Read More

Surf Report
17 Dec 05:07pm Deerfield Beach

GoneKayaking checked the surf at Deerfield Beach.

Deerfield Beach サーフ・リポート

Deerfield Beach

Light Breeze, クロスショア

13hr ago (GMT)

East swell < 1 ft, North wind < 5 mph, Water temperature 73 F

Surf Report
17 Dec 09:09pm Dee Why Point
Don Norris

Don Norris checked the surf at Dee Why Point.

Dee Why Point サーフ・リポート

Dee Why Point

  • 3ft

Light Breeze, クロスショア

Yesterday 01:00 (GMT)

Definitely better than yesterday, but only just. And lots more folks on it early. Sets were into... Read More

Surf Report
17 Dec 05:38pm Playa Santa Teresa

malpaisurfcam checked the surf at Playa Santa Teresa.

Playa Santa Teresa サーフ・リポート

Playa Santa Teresa

  • 4ft

Light Breeze, オフショア

15hr ago (GMT)

Still from the morning session video, watch it @ This morning at 7 am... Read More

17 Dec 04:03pm
Feature Feature 5

Where Things Stand Half Way Through Pipe

Where Things Stand Half Way Through Pipe

Matt Rott breaks down what's going on in the world of professional competitive surfing