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Backdoor Surf Shop
Urban Exchange
Surf and Adventure Co.
Coastal Edge
Fairfax Surf Shop‎
Pure Board Shop
East Maui Surf Shop
K-Coast Surf Shop
Malibu's Surf Shop
Breakers Surf & Sport
Bethany Surf Shop
Dewey Beach Surf Shop
Chaunceys Surf Shop
Cloud Break Board Shop
Surfer Girl & Guys Too
The Connection Surf Shop
Wavedancer Surf Shops
17th Street Surf Shop
Austin Surfboards
Corner 24
About Surfing Atlantic States
Delaware, Maryland and Virginia make up the Atlantic States. Much overlooked in the surfing stakes, these states can on their day hold some good waves. Primarily over shifting sandbanks. Surfed since the 1960s the small communities have a great deal of history. The winters can drop to below freezing and summers are hot. Hurricane swells produce the best swells and can light-up the whole coast. The dominant wind is a westerly wind which is offshore, but surf consistency is low. Delaware's coastline is only 28 miles/45km long but autumn and winter can provide some good waves around the Indian River mouth. Maryland's surfing is based around Ocean City and can produce excellent waves. Virginia is the birthplace of East Coast surfing, dating back to 1910 but is not really recognised as a surfing destination and to the south of the Chesapeake Bay it is banned in many areas during daylight hours.
Surf Shops
Shops supplying surf boards, wetsuits, clothing, leashes, wax, deck pads, fins, DVDs and anything you might need to go surfing.
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