Shumagin Islands - 85nm South Of Sand Point, Ak (46075) Wave Buoy

4:50pm - Fri 21st Oct 2016 All times are UTC.

  • Sig Wave height 6.2ft
  • Swell Direction
  • Peak Period 6s
  • Average Period 5s
  • Wind
    20mph, 25mph gusts
  • Sea Temp 50°f
  • 空気 Temp 44°f
  • Sea Pressure 1013.5mb

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Comparision Forecast

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Fri 10/21 4:50pm 6ft 6s 5s 20 25 mph 1013.5mb 50f 44f
3:50pm 6ft 7s 5s 22 27 mph 1013mb 50f 44f
2:50pm 6.5ft 7s 5s 22 29 mph 1012.4mb 50f 44f
1:50pm 6.5ft 7s 6s 22 29 mph 1012.3mb 49f 44f
12:50pm 7ft 7s 6s 22 27 mph 1012.3mb 49f 44f
11:50am 6ft 7s 5s 22 25 mph 1012.4mb 49f 44f
10:50am 6.5ft 7s 6s 22 27 mph 1011.6mb 49f 44f
9:50am 7ft 7s 6s 20 27 mph 1011.5mb 49f 44f
8:50am 7.5ft 7s 6s 22 27 mph 1011.5mb 49f 44f
7:50am 7ft 7s 5s 25 31 mph 1010.7mb 49f 44f
6:50am 6ft 7s 5s 25 29 mph 1010mb 50f 45f
5:50am 6ft 6s 5s 25 29 mph 1009.5mb 50f 46f
4:50am 5.5ft 6s 5s 20 25 mph 1009.1mb 50f 46f
2:50am 6ft 10s 5s 18 22 mph 1007.9mb 50f 46f
1:50am 6ft 6s 6s 18 22 mph 1007.6mb 50f 47f
12:50am 6ft 7s 6s 20 25 mph 1007.3mb 50f 46f
Thu 10/20 11:50pm 6ft 7s 6s 22 27 mph 1007.3mb 50f 46f
9:50pm 6.5ft 7s 6s 16 20 mph 1007.5mb 50f 46f
8:50pm 6ft 9s 6s 18 20 mph 1007.4mb 50f 46f
7:50pm 6.5ft 6s 6s 20 22 mph 1007mb 50f 46f
6:50pm 7ft 8s 6s 20 25 mph 1006.6mb 50f 46f
5:50pm 7ft 6s 6s 20 25 mph 1006.1mb 50f 47f
4:50pm 7.5ft 6s 6s 18 22 mph 1005.5mb 50f 47f
3:50pm 7ft 8s 6s 18 22 mph 1005.3mb 50f 48f
2:50pm 7ft 10s 6s 20 25 mph 1004.8mb 50f 47f
1:50pm 7ft 8s 6s 20 25 mph 1004.3mb 50f 48f
12:50pm 8ft 9s 6s 20 25 mph 1004mb 49f 48f
11:50am 7ft 9s 6s 22 25 mph 1003.4mb 49f 48f
10:50am 7.5ft 8s 6s 22 25 mph 1002.9mb 49f 48f
9:50am 7ft 9s 6s 25 29 mph 1002.3mb 50f 49f
8:50am 7ft 6s 6s 25 29 mph 1001.8mb 50f 49f
7:50am 7ft 10s 6s 22 27 mph 1001mb 49f 49f
6:50am 8ft 10s 6s 22 27 mph 1000.1mb 49f 49f
5:50am 7ft 11s 6s 22 27 mph 999.6mb 50f 49f
4:50am 6.5ft 12s 6s 20 25 mph 998.8mb 51f 49f
3:50am 7ft 10s 6s 20 25 mph 997.9mb 50f 49f
2:50am 6ft 11s 6s 20 25 mph 997.2mb 50f 49f
1:50am 6ft 11s 6s 16 18 mph 996.8mb 50f 48f
12:50am 6.5ft 11s 7s 16 18 mph 996.3mb 50f 48f
Wed 10/19 11:50pm 7ft 11s 7s 11 13 mph 996.1mb 50f 49f
10:50pm 7ft 10s 7s 11 16 mph 995.7mb 50f 49f
9:50pm 7.5ft 10s 6s 9 13 mph 995.1mb 50f 48f
8:50pm 8ft 8s 6s 13 16 mph 994.2mb 50f 47f
7:50pm 8.5ft 8s 6s 18 22 mph 993mb 50f 48f
6:50pm 9ft 7s 7s 20 25 mph 991.7mb 50f 48f
5:50pm 10.5ft 8s 7s 22 27 mph 990.2mb 50f 48f
4:50pm 12ft 8s 7s 27 31 mph 988.6mb 50f 47f
3:50pm 13.5ft 7s 7s 27 34 mph 986.9mb 50f 47f
2:50pm 14ft 8s 7s 31 40 mph 984.5mb 50f 46f
1:50pm 14ft 8s 7s 34 43 mph 982.2mb 50f 47f
12:50pm 14ft 8s 7s 36 45 mph 980.5mb 50f 47f
11:50am 15.5ft 10s 8s 36 43 mph 978.6mb 49f 49f
10:50am 16.5ft 10s 8s 34 43 mph 977.4mb 49f 49f
9:50am 17.5ft 10s 8s 38 49 mph 976.4mb 50f 48f
8:50am 16.5ft 9s 8s 40 49 mph 976.4mb 50f 46f
7:50am 14ft 9s 7s 40 49 mph 977.8mb 50f 42f
6:50am 13.5ft 9s 7s 36 45 mph 979.2mb 50f 40f
5:50am 14ft 8s 7s 34 43 mph 980.5mb 50f 39f
4:50am 13.5ft 9s 7s 38 45 mph 981.3mb 50f 39f
3:50am 12.5ft 8s 7s 40 54 mph 981.7mb 51f 39f
2:50am 12ft 8s 6s 38 49 mph 982.3mb 51f 42f
1:50am 10ft 7s 6s 36 43 mph 982.8mb 51f 42f
12:50am 6ft 6s 5s 31 38 mph 983.4mb 51f 42f
Tue 10/18 11:50pm 5ft 5s 5s 25 31 mph 984.3mb 51f 42f
10:50pm 4.5ft 5s 5s 22 25 mph 985mb 51f 41f
9:50pm 4.5ft 5s 5s 22 27 mph 985.6mb 51f 40f
8:50pm 4ft 4s 5s 18 25 mph 986mb 51f 40f
7:50pm 4ft 7s 5s 18 22 mph 986.3mb 50f 40f
6:50pm 3.5ft 9s 5s 22 29 mph 986.3mb 50f 38f
5:50pm 4ft 8s 5s 16 20 mph 986.5mb 50f 40f
4:50pm 4ft 9s 6s 18 22 mph 986.5mb 51f 38f
3:50pm 4.5ft 7s 5s 16 20 mph 986.5mb 51f 37f
2:50pm 4ft 8s 6s 9 13 mph 986.7mb 50f 37f
1:50pm 4.5ft 7s 5s 16 18 mph 986.8mb 50f 38f
12:50pm 3.5ft 8s 6s 18 25 mph 986.8mb 50f 37f
11:50am 4ft 8s 6s 9 13 mph 987.1mb 50f 37f
10:50am 4.5ft 8s 5s 22 25 mph 987.3mb 50f 37f
9:50am 4.5ft 8s 5s 13 18 mph 987.5mb 50f 39f
8:50am 5ft 8s 6s 13 16 mph 987.7mb 50f 40f
7:50am 5ft 8s 6s 13 16 mph 987.8mb 50f 40f
6:50am 6ft 8s 6s 13 16 mph 988.1mb 50f 40f
5:50am 6ft 8s 6s 4 9 mph 988.3mb 51f 39f
4:50am 6.5ft 9s 6s 13 20 mph 988.2mb 51f 41f
3:50am 6.5ft 9s 7s 16 20 mph 988.4mb 51f 41f
2:50am 7ft 9s 7s 16 18 mph 988.4mb 51f 41f
1:50am 8ft 9s 7s 11 16 mph 988.8mb 51f 40f
12:50am 7ft 10s 7s 13 18 mph 989.1mb 51f 42f
Mon 10/17 11:50pm 7.5ft 10s 7s 13 18 mph 989.7mb 51f 42f
9:50pm 8ft 10s 7s 16 20 mph 990.7mb 51f 43f
8:50pm 8.5ft 10s 7s 18 22 mph 991.2mb 51f 43f
7:50pm 9ft 10s 7s 20 25 mph 991.5mb 51f 43f
6:50pm 9.5ft 11s 7s 22 27 mph 991.5mb 51f 43f