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Conditions Summary
0.5ft 14secs 187° 12mph SE - Offshore - 132°
 Faroe Islands
Grey Star
2.5ft 9secs 239° 12mph SSW - Onshore - 196°
4ft 8secs 179° 14mph SSE - Cross/offshore - 164°
Grey Star
4ft 8secs 179° 14mph SSE - Onshore - 164°
4ft 8secs 179° 13mph SSE - Cross/offshore - 161°
Grey Star
3.5ft 9secs 204° 6mph SSE - Onshore - 168°
0.5ft 2secs 91° 4mph ENE - Onshore - 62°
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Open to swells from every direction, with numerous set-ups which can produce world class waves, catching these spots working can be tricky. Cold is obviously an issue as is very limited light in the prolific winter season. During the summer light is no problem but tricky winds and a lack of swell can be, though you have time to wait for spots to light-up. Water temperature in winter are only just above freezing but improved wetsuits are opening this previously closed environment.
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Local News
News Image Monteiro Lobos Champ
Brazil’s Marcos Monteiro taking the top prize of $10,000 in the season’s first Big Wave World Tour event.
News Image BWWT Gets Green Light
THE 2011/12 kicks off on Sat, May 28th at Punta de Lobos with face heights forecast in excess of 30ft.
News Image Merello's Lobos
PICHILEMU'S own Cristian Merello wins Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta De Lobos big wave contest in 30ft surf.
News Image Quiksilver Big Wave Surf Comp 2010
GREEN light: Quiksilver Big Wave Surf Competition in Chile “ON” for Wednesday, May 19, 2010
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