今日の潮位 - Higgins Beach Time Times for Higgins Beach
満潮 2:16AM 9.22ft
干潮 8:27AM 0.46ft
満潮 2:42PM 8.92ft
干潮 8:45PM 0.95ft
夜明け 4:55AM
日の出 5:28AM
日の入り 8:06PM
日暮れ 8:38PM

Tide Location Richmond Island, Maine - 2.04km away Help

About Higgins Beach

Higgins is well protected from N winds, but consequently doesn’t receive any swell from the north either. Handles decent size, particularly if it’s a SE swell, which can make for some shapely and powerful peaks.... more


A detailed long range Higgins Beach Surf forecast, surf report and (where available) surf webcams. This surf forecast will be useful for both Higgins Beach and nearby surf spots in the ニューイングランド area. The information here is carefully calibrated and checked, please do read the surf forecasting help information first which will give you a good idea how to start interpreting this information.

一時間あたり サーフ スウェル(うねり)・レーティング プライマリ・スウェル セカンダリ・スウェル (+突風) 天気 確率
Thu 07/31 12am 2-3ft 3ft 8s 142.21° 0.9ft 10s   4 6 mph Clear 64°f N/A
3am 2-3ft 3ft 8s 140.18°     3 4 mph Clear 63°f N/A
Thu 07/31 6am 2-3ft 2.5ft 7s 129.55° 2ft 9s   3 4 mph Sunny 63°f N/A
9am 2-4ft 3ft 9s 141.92°     7 10 mph Sunny 68°f N/A
12pm 3-4ft 3.5ft 8s 144.81°     12 15 mph Sunny 71°f N/A
3pm 3-4ft 4ft 8s 149.67°     11 18 mph Sunny 70°f N/A
6pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 8s 148.28° 3ft 4s 0.9ft 9s 8 13 mph Sunny 70°f N/A
9pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 8s 142.74° 2.5ft 5s 0.9ft 9s 9 14 mph Clear 67°f N/A
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
満潮 2:16AM 9.22ft
干潮 8:27AM 0.46ft
満潮 2:42PM 8.92ft
干潮 8:45PM 0.95ft
夜明け 4:55AM
日の出 5:28AM
日の入り 8:06PM
日暮れ 8:38PM
Fri 08/01 12am 1-2ft 1.8ft 7s 121.57° 1.6ft 7s 2.5ft 4s 9 14 mph Clear 63°f N/A
3am 2-3ft 3ft 7s 156.75° 1.3ft 7s 0.8ft 3s 8 11 mph Clear 60°f N/A
Fri 08/01 6am 2-3ft 3ft 7s 151.92° 1ft 9s 0.6ft 3s 5 6 mph Fair 62°f N/A
9am 2-3ft 3ft 7s 148.9° 1ft 9s   5 6 mph Mostly Cloudy 71°f N/A
12pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 7s 146.66° 1.1ft 9s   9 11 mph Mostly Cloudy 74°f N/A
3pm 2-3ft 3ft 7s 150.86° 1.2ft 9s 0.2ft 16s 12 17 mph Sunny 72°f N/A
6pm 2-3ft 2ft 7s 140.84° 1.2ft 9s 2ft 4s 8 12 mph Mostly Cloudy 73°f N/A
9pm 2-3ft 2ft 7s 138.91° 1.1ft 9s 2ft 4s 9 15 mph Overcast 72°f N/A
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
満潮 2:54AM 8.99ft
干潮 9:04AM 0.62ft
満潮 3:20PM 8.95ft
干潮 9:26PM 0.98ft
夜明け 4:56AM
日の出 5:29AM
日の入り 8:04PM
日暮れ 8:37PM
Sat 08/02 12am 2ft 2ft 7s 138.62° 1.3ft 9s 1.8ft 4s 7 11 mph Overcast 70°f N/A
3am 1-2ft 1.9ft 6s 146.16° 1.3ft 9s 0.6ft 3s 7 10 mph Overcast 67°f N/A
Sat 08/02 6am 1-2ft 1.9ft 6s 142.42° 1.2ft 9s   5 6 mph Overcast 67°f N/A
9am 1-2ft 1.9ft 6s 142.38° 1.2ft 9s   8 11 mph Mostly Cloudy 74°f N/A
12pm 1-2ft 1.7ft 6s 137.63° 1.2ft 9s 0.8ft 2s 10 13 mph Overcast 74°f N/A
3pm 1-2ft 2ft 6s 148.12° 1.3ft 9s 0.2ft 7s 11 16 mph Cloudy 71°f N/A
6pm 1-2ft 1.3ft 9s 131.4° 1.4ft 6s 1.3ft 3s 8 13 mph Overcast 67°f N/A
9pm 1-2ft 1.3ft 9s 131.76° 1.5ft 6s 0.9ft 3s 6 8 mph Mostly Cloudy 65°f N/A
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
満潮 3:36AM 8.72ft
干潮 9:43AM 0.79ft
満潮 4:00PM 9.02ft
干潮 10:12PM 0.98ft
夜明け 4:58AM
日の出 5:30AM
日の入り 8:03PM
日暮れ 8:36PM
Sun 08/03 12am 1-2ft 1.3ft 9s 131.99° 1.5ft 6s   3 4 mph Cloudy 63°f N/A
3am 1-2ft 1.4ft 9s 132.57° 1.4ft 6s   1 1 mph Overcast 63°f N/A
Sun 08/03 6am 1-2ft 1.4ft 9s 132.61° 1.3ft 6s   2 2 mph Overcast 63°f N/A
9am 1-2ft 1.5ft 8s 132.3° 1.2ft 6s   3 3 mph Overcast 68°f N/A
12pm 1-2ft 1.3ft 8s 133.14° 1.1ft 5s   7 8 mph Overcast 70°f N/A
3pm 1-2ft 1.5ft 8s 136.63° 1ft 11s   8 9 mph Mostly Cloudy 67°f N/A
6pm 2ft 1.8ft 8s 137.05° 1ft 11s   5 6 mph Mostly Cloudy 62°f N/A
9pm 2-3ft 1.9ft 8s 137.3° 1ft 11s   1 2 mph Mostly Cloudy 62°f N/A
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
満潮 4:22AM 8.5ft
干潮 10:27AM 0.92ft
満潮 4:45PM 9.09ft
干潮 11:02PM 0.98ft
夜明け 4:59AM
日の出 5:31AM
日の入り 8:02PM
日暮れ 8:34PM
Mon 08/04 12am 2-3ft 1.9ft 8s 136.59° 1.2ft 11s   2 3 mph Overcast 63°f N/A
3am 2-3ft 2ft 8s 134.25° 1.2ft 11s   3 4 mph Overcast 64°f N/A
Mon 08/04 6am 2-3ft 2ft 8s 132.55° 1.3ft 11s   3 4 mph Drizzle 64°f N/A
9am 2-3ft 1.9ft 8s 138.76° 1.4ft 11s   4 5 mph Drizzle 67°f N/A
12pm 2ft 1.4ft 11s 131.27° 1.7ft 8s   7 7 mph Mostly Cloudy 71°f N/A
3pm 2-3ft 1.6ft 11s 132.33° 1.6ft 8s   5 6 mph Sunny 71°f N/A
6pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 138.14° 1.3ft 8s   2 3 mph Brief Showers Possible 70°f N/A
9pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 139.87° 1.5ft 8s   2 4 mph Mist 69°f N/A
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
満潮 5:12AM 8.3ft
干潮 11:16AM 1.05ft
満潮 5:36PM 9.18ft
干潮 11:58PM 0.89ft
夜明け 5:00AM
日の出 5:32AM
日の入り 8:01PM
日暮れ 8:33PM
Tue 08/05 12am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 140.05° 1.5ft 8s   5 7 mph Clear 66°f N/A
3am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 137.7° 1.3ft 9s   6 8 mph Clear 64°f N/A
Tue 08/05 6am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 137.99° 1.3ft 8s   4 4 mph Sunny 65°f N/A
9am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 137.44° 1.2ft 8s   4 7 mph Sunny 74°f N/A
12pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 132.53° 1.2ft 8s 0.9ft 6s 9 13 mph Sunny 79°f N/A
3pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 131.98° 1.2ft 7s 1.1ft 6s 6 11 mph Light Showers Possible 77°f N/A
6pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 133.36° 1.2ft 8s   5 7 mph Clear 76°f N/A
9pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 11s 132.62° 1.2ft 8s   9 12 mph Clear 68°f N/A
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
満潮 6:09AM 8.23ft
干潮 12:11PM 1.05ft
満潮 6:31PM 9.38ft
夜明け 5:01AM
日の出 5:33AM
日の入り 7:59PM
日暮れ 8:31PM
Wed 08/06 12am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 138.84° 1.1ft 7s   8 12 mph Clear 63°f N/A
3am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 139.05° 1.1ft 7s 1.1ft 3s 9 12 mph Mostly Cloudy 59°f N/A
Wed 08/06 6am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 137.33° 0.9ft 7s 1.2ft 3s 8 11 mph Mostly Cloudy 61°f N/A
9am 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 127.5° 0.9ft 5s 1.1ft 3s 6 11 mph Sunny 68°f N/A
12pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 131.31° 0.8ft 3s   3 7 mph Sunny 73°f N/A
3pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 131.01° 0.5ft 3s   4 9 mph Sunny 75°f N/A
6pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 131.24° 0.6ft 15s   7 10 mph Clear 70°f N/A
9pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 11s 135.42° 0.8ft 7s   7 9 mph Clear 64°f N/A
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
干潮 12:59AM 0.66ft
満潮 7:11AM 8.3ft
干潮 1:11PM 0.95ft
満潮 7:31PM 9.71ft
夜明け 5:03AM
日の出 5:35AM
日の入り 7:58PM
日暮れ 8:30PM
Thu 08/07 12am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 135.37° 0.8ft 7s   8 9 mph Clear 61°f 90%
3am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 132.46° 0.6ft 15s 1ft 2s 9 12 mph Clear 59°f 90%
Thu 08/07 6am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 132.07° 0.6ft 15s 0.8ft 3s 7 10 mph Sunny 61°f 86%
9am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 133.21° 0.6ft 15s 0.6ft 3s 6 9 mph Sunny 73°f 86%
12pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 134.11° 0.6ft 14s   6 8 mph Sunny 79°f 76%
3pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 133° 0.6ft 7s   8 11 mph Sunny 77°f 76%
6pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 133.26° 0.6ft 7s   10 13 mph Clear 75°f 81%
9pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 132.21° 1.1ft 3s 0.5ft 6s 13 15 mph Clear 72°f 81%
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
干潮 2:01AM 0.26ft
満潮 8:13AM 8.56ft
干潮 2:12PM 0.66ft
満潮 8:32PM 10.14ft
夜明け 5:04AM
日の出 5:36AM
日の入り 7:57PM
日暮れ 8:29PM
Fri 08/08 12am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 132.86° 0.7ft 14s 1.3ft 3s 15 18 mph Clear 70°f 81%
3am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 133° 0.7ft 14s 1.3ft 3s 15 19 mph Clear 70°f 81%
Fri 08/08 6am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 132.34° 1.1ft 3s   15 19 mph Sunny 70°f 95%
9am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 132.08° 1ft 4s   15 20 mph Sunny 70°f 95%
12pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 131.81° 0.8ft 4s   17 21 mph Sunny 70°f 90%
3pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 131.46° 0.8ft 16s   18 23 mph Sunny 70°f 90%
6pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 131.05° 0.9ft 16s   19 25 mph Mostly Clear 69°f 85%
9pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 130.66° 1ft 17s   20 28 mph Mostly Clear 68°f 85%
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
干潮 3:01AM -0.23ft
満潮 9:14AM 8.99ft
干潮 3:13PM 0.2ft
満潮 9:31PM 10.63ft
夜明け 5:05AM
日の出 5:37AM
日の入り 7:55PM
日暮れ 8:27PM
Sat 08/09 12am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 131.9° 1ft 17s   21 30 mph Mostly Cloudy 68°f 52%
3am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 130.95° 1ft 17s 0.3ft 2s 22 32 mph Mostly Cloudy 69°f 52%
Sat 08/09 6am 2-3ft 1.9ft 10s 130.16° 0.9ft 13s 0.9ft 3s 23 34 mph Sunny 70°f 44%
9am 2-3ft 1.8ft 10s 130.1° 1.1ft 13s   24 36 mph Sunny 71°f 44%
12pm 2-3ft 1.4ft 15s 127.01° 1.8ft 10s   26 38 mph Sunny 72°f 65%
3pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 131.03° 1.2ft 15s   24 36 mph Light Showers 71°f 65%
6pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 132.18° 1.2ft 15s   23 34 mph Light Showers 71°f 100%
9pm 2-3ft 2ft 10s 133.58° 1.2ft 15s   22 33 mph Showers 70°f 100%
潮の干満及び日の出日の入り時間 Higgins Beach
干潮 3:58AM -0.79ft
満潮 10:12AM 9.54ft
干潮 4:11PM -0.33ft
満潮 10:28PM 11.09ft
夜明け 5:06AM
日の出 5:38AM
日の入り 7:54PM
日暮れ 8:26PM
Sun 08/10 12am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 136.06° 1.3ft 15s   21 31 mph Showers 70°f N/A

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Local time: (EDT). 30 Jul 18:00PM GMT. Data Status: OK. Run Age: 13.63hrs


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